Cooke 5/I Prime lenses & Sony F35 camera research

Goal: To find technical settings to match Cooke 5/i lenses and Sony F35. Question: Is it possible to have a ‘’Cooke look’’ with a high end digital camera?
The solutions:
- A new Log Gamma curve: the HDS 400, softer curve with less chroma than the Sony one. The curve provides one more stop and a half of latitude in the shadows without noise. It leads the F35 to 12 1/2 stops of dynamic range.
- Camera menu settings to harmonize the sharpness depending on subjects and location

Thanks to:
Les Zellan, Robert Howard, Mark Gerchman, & Geoffrey P. Chappell (and his wife) and the team of Cooke optics

Andrew & Trevor Steele and the team of : Emit France
Special thanks to famous shakesperian actor Trevor Steele

Nicolas Polacchi & Olivier Garcia (Gamma curves designer) HD systems hd-systems
Special thanks to Rip Hampton O'Neil, Technical Superior Commission (CST) R & D manager for his clever digital analysis chart. CST Its large numbers of grey and colour levels(including mid-tones) allows quickly:
- To see any problem of camera artefacts.
- To create valuable Lut’s

Olivier Duval, Tommaso Vergallo, Laurent Desbruères, Jean-François Morette

Digimage Cinema

François Paturel: Camera operator & D.I.T., Leonard Rollin: FOCUS PULLER - Alain Gauthier : Technical manager Transpacam