Special thanks to Martine Gonthie, the best intuitive focus puller I ever met.

Thanks also to Nathalie Mauger, François Paturel & Mathieu Lamand for having focused on these hand-held shots.

Except on black young man running with a body mount rig (Aaton Minima), and on final Louma crane shot, everything was shot hand-held, mainly with:
- Super 16 Arri SRII, 18mm Zeiss High speed lens (Michel Jonas French Singer)
- Super 16 Aaton Minima (Cop movie),
- Super 16 Arri SRIII (Travelling around black singer with white cap)
- Super 16 Arri SRII Period film
- Digital Beta 790 with primes (Gospel singers)
- Sony XDcam F800 (B & W chase) I was laying down in the trunk car, my assistant was sitting on my back.

Extracts from :
MISTER SWING – Musical documentary
Directed by Philippe Ros
LANTERLOO – Opera documentary
Directed by Philippe Ros
CENTRAL NUIT – 2nd season. TV series
Directed by Didier Delaitre
ON MY WAY TO HEAVEN – Documentary
Directed by Regine Abadia
UP FACTORY – Commercial
Directed by Pascal Nocquet