‘’Oceans’’ Directed by Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud
Producer: Nicolas Mauvernay
Executive Producer: Olli Barbe
Production manager for New Caledoni and Australia: Vincent Stieger
Production manager for Mexican Gulf: Antoine de Cazotte

"Filmmaking is a team game"
I think it's a sentence of Wally Pfister (ASC) and this is the perfect words about "Oceans".

Seventeen DOP's were involved in this film. Luc Drion (SBC) for the topside gyrostabilized travelling and the incredible aerial shoots in the tempests. Laurent Charbonnier skills have been used on a lot of sequences with turtles, iguanas in sanctuaries locations.
Didier Noirot, Rene Heuzey, David Reichert, Jean-François Barthod, Yasushi Okumura worked several years on the amazing underwater sequences.
Luciano Tovoli (AIC, ASC) lit all the museum sequences and was in charge of the art supervision of the grading operated by Laurent Desbrueres, senior colorist.

I supervised all the workflow with Digimage Cinema postproduction house in Paris with Laurent Desbrueres, Tommaso Vergallo, digital cinema manager and Juan Eveno, chief operating officer.

This is the part of the film Oceans I lit in several countries (New Caledonia, Australia, Mexican Gulf). All come from the two directors demands who lead the team to create new tools to follow animals in a way never done before and to shoot like in a studio even in real locations. We achieved this through a long and productive collaboration with Olli Barbe, executive producer and Vincent Stieger, production manager.

For all the large scenes,I had the luck to work with Paul Johnstone (P.J.), famous australian u/w head gaffer who teached me how to deal with the underwater issues. It would have been impossible to reach the lighting and travelling director's wishes without P.J., his team, and Leigh Tate u/w dolly grip. We all remember them fighting against underwater stream to set the tracks and pulling the dolly fitted with a low mode camera housing following with a very long lens "Jo, the crab". Emit France designed the underwater travelling which was the

For the New Caledonian reef, George Evatt did a tremendous job with the "Game Boy", an u/w remote control for focus and iris. This tool allowed us to focus with extreme long lens during underwater travelling. This tool was really a mix of talents:Mix of talents
Transvideo & HDsystems for the monitoring, Subspace Geneva for the housing. I had to supervise this with Dimitri Billecocq for the logistic issues.

We developped with Louma Systems a crane to follow littel animals in 23 cm deep tank in Australia. Olivier Gueneau was the camera operator, with
Geoff Brown was the Dolly Grip, Crane Technician in charge of the telescopic motions, and Leigh Tate for the pan.
See the technical details to get more informations on the way it has been done.

DoP and Digital Imaging Director: Philippe Ros
Barrier reef shots, U/w camera operator: Rene Heuzey labelbleu
Tank Technocrane shots and u/w dolphins shots, camera operator: Olivier Gueneau
Animals & logistical support provided by Richard Fitzpatrick Digital Dimensions digitaldimensions
- Chief D.I.T’s: François Paturel,
- D.I.T’s & Focus Pullers: Cyrille Liberman, Mathieu Lamand, Euriel Etevenon
- Head u/w gaffer: Paul Johnstone
- Technocrane technician: Geoff Brown
- U/w dolly grip: Leigh Tate
- U/w focus puller: Geirges Evatt
- U/w lighting: OMD Technology omdtechnology
- U/w monitoring: Transvideo transvideointl
- U/w travelling:
Shot with Sony F900 and F23 customized cameras.

Log curves & remote table designed by Herve Theys and Olivier Garcia, HD Systems hd-systems and Christian Mourier (Consultimage)

Postproduction: Digimage Cinema
Chief colorist: Laurent Desbrueres
Digital cinema manager: Tommaso Vergallo,
Chief operating officer: Juan Eveno