« ECOBOT » is a 2’30’’ short feature film produced by HD Systems France and directed by Ben Elia.
But it's first a demo film.
The goal: With the combination of the Sony F65 camera with the Leica Summilux-C Cine lenses, with the collaboration between:
- HD Systems for the de-Bayered files and calibration of these files
- Digimage Cinema for calibration, grading and the final 4K DCP
- Leica
- BandPro
We clearly wanted to set up a new image, a new workflow

When using 4K camera with real 4K lenses, the aim is to select which part of the image will the audience stare at.

The bokeh, the aesthetical quality of this blur was part of our research…
Produced by: HD Systems
Nicolas Pollacchi - Herve Theys - Olivier Garcia
Director: Ben Elia
Director of photography: Philippe Ros - AFC
Senior colorist: Laurent Desbrueres
Calibration, Lut’s & Gamma Curves design: Olivier Garcia
Camera operator: François Paturel
Focus puller: Mathieu Lamand
Second assistant camera: Franck Noell
Editor: Claire Balbusquier
Original music : Christian Fabre dit Garrus
Sound design: Marcel Rouste
Digimage postproduction manager: Cendrine Gady
4K raw data management: HD Systems
Special thanks to:
Denis Auboyer - Digimage Cinema
Gerhard Baier - CW Sonderoptic (Leica Summilux-C Cine lenses)
Jacques Delacoux - Transvideo
Marc Galerne - K5600
Andrew Steele - Emit France
Rainer Hercher - Band Pro Munich GmbH
Jacqueline Delaunay - ACC & LED
Alexander Bscheidl - Vantage Film Paris
Exoplanetfilms: Concept and design