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Directed by Ben Elia
Goal was to explore the 4K potential with Olivier Garcia, engineer (Gamma designer, calibration manager), Laurent Desbrueres, senior colourist and François Dupuy, technical manager at Digimage Cinema post house.
Produced by Martin Kreitl a Munchen-Calabrian brother, LUVBOT was shot in Munchen, Germany, in the first class FGV Schmidle Studio lent to us by Markus and Oliver Schmidle.
Special Thanks to Gerhard Baier From Leica and the Munchen Dream Team leaded by Production manager: Benedikt Wiedenmann and First assistant Thomas Fischer.
Ainara Porron and Peter Sykes from Sony Europe joined former contributors Digimage Cinema and HD Systems.
We chose a classic way to tell the story of this science-fiction film: two women of different ages with scenes that embody beauty shots as well as drama shots. Also inclining to show "skin tone control" ranging from low lights to bright lights, making this a huge task for Luna Elisa Federowicz, the make-up artist. How to create and distinguish two strong characters (a human and an android) through make-up, lighting and colour correction?


Our goal was to make the android believable.I knew that grading is part of his imaging work. During this phase, Laurent Desbrueres emphasised on light directions, overexposure and low light as well as on make-up choices. It worked so well that we had to give this research phase a name: The "Aesthetic Quality Control" or "Beauty Control".
Cinematographer: Philippe Ros AFC
Camera operator: Christian Meyer
Focus puller: Philipp Chudalla
Digital Image Technician: Kai Daniels
Preparation of camera, DIT: Florian Rettich – BVK
Gaffer: Jürgen Thiele
Lighting technicians: Stefan Jütte, Niko Szabo & Christian Weischer (‘’Spanier’’)
Set runner: Bernhard Koesters
Make-up artist: Luna Elisa Federowicz, assisted by: Karin Steinhäuser
HD make-up consultant: Isabelle Voinier
Costume designer: Jolanta-Irma Kämmer
Set constructor: Josef Jacob, François Rolland, Mathieu Lamare
Catering: Kyra Thaysen
Editor: Claire Balbusquier
Original music: Christian Fabre dit Garrus
Sound design: Marcel Rouste, Sound engineer: Karim Lekehal
Foley recording: Gling-Glang