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Test of transfer of "Oceans" movie footage (shot in HD and in 35 mm) to Imax 15-70 mm

Directors: Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud
Producer: Nicolas Mauvernay

Executive producer: Olli Barbe
Production manager: Philippe Schwartz
Postproduction: Digimage Cinema – Def2Shoot
Lab: Arane Gulliver

This extract only gathers a small part of the 17 DOP’s footage. PLease find the full list of credits in the technical details (below).

Underwater Cinematographers
• Didier Noirot
• René Heuzey
• David Reichert
• Okumura Yasushi
• Eric Börjeson

Directors of Photography
• Luc Drion SBC (Aerial, ships & Thétis)
• Eric Bôrjeson
• Philippe Garguil
• Laurent Charbonnier
• Jean-François Barthod
• Olivier Gueneau (Jonas, Siméon)

Directors of Photography (lit sets )
• Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC (Art supervisor of the grading)
• Philippe ROS (night u/w shooting, u/w studio, tanks, microscope). Digital Imaging Director

Editors : Vincent Schmidt
Catherine Mauchain

CMC-Digimage Cinéma
Denis Auboyer: CEO
Olivier Duval: Production manager
Laurent Desbrueres: Senior Colorist - Manager of the colorists team
Tommaso Vergallo: Digital Cinema Manager
Juan Eveno: Chief Operating Officer
Digimage Cinema

Def2Shoot : proprietary noise- and grain-reduction process
Frederic Moreau: Visual Effects Designer

Gamma curves on Sony Digita cameras designed by Christian Mourier (Consultimage)and by Olivier Garcia, HD Systems

Cameras suppied by Panavision France Philipe Valognes, Mehmet Aktas, Natacha Vlatkovic
Arri 235, 435 and Aaton 35 mm, Sony HDW-F900, HDC 950 and F23
6K to 4K Scan from film stocks, HDcam 4:2:2, HDcam SR 4:2:2 and 4:4:4

Lab negative process by Arane Gulliver

Film stocks by :
Kodak France
Fuji Film France