The Digital Era: nothing will remain unchanged
How to be digital friendly, play with these on-going developments and benefit from new opportunities

This 2,5-day workshop gives the methods and tools to

Be acquainted with the main workflows available on the European market
Best position the production of their feature or documentary films within the digital workflow
Grasp the means of communication and tasks division between the partners involved, from the director to the postproduction provider
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of digital distribution and the importance of digital archiving.

Alternating technical presentations with case studies, the Workshop compares and analyses the most used digital production and post-production workflows in Europe, from low budget (200’000 € to 1 mio €) to more "standard" budgets (around 2 mio €).

Participants may submit their own feature/documentary projects in pre-production (from low to high budgets) to be pitched and discussed at the Workshop.

The last part of the Workshop deals with the new digital distribution workflow, from the Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) to the theater, and includes panel discussions on issues related to distribution, exhibition and digital archiving.

For whom: 40 European producers, line producers, production managers and postproduction managers. No director-producers. All applicants must have professional experience with the production of feature and/or documentary films.

When: Thursday 28 to Saturday 30 November 2013

Where: Warsaw

Application deadline: 24 September 2013

Fee: 450 Euro only, including 2,5-day full board accommodation. Travel not included.