’Digital cameras, creative workflows".

November Tuesday19th - 5.30 pm - Seminar room - Opera Nova
Organized with Roberto Schaefer, cinematographer, ASC AIC, Madelyn Most camerawoman - journalist.

This panel will be hosted at Camerimage by Sony Digital Motion Picture Centre in Europe with the support of Kazik Suwala (Camerimage), Ainara Porron (Sony Europe) & Irena Gruca (FilmPRO)

November Tuesday19th - 5.30 pm - Seminar room - Opera Nova

‘’Digital cameras, creative workflows.
Problems with invisible reasons, solutions with visible results’’

Right now, in the digital era, filmmakers have a rich and ever expanding palette of new tools to enhance their cinematographic intentions and achieve their artistic goals.
Manufacturers, producers, cinematographers, rental houses and postproduction facilities have discovered different intelligent methods to deal with what often ends up as challenging phases in the new processes of digital workflows.

De-Bayer, Color pipeline, Image monitoring & look previews will be the main topics covered by this panel. These subjects will be investigated from the creative and technical angles. We'll explore how they affect our work to achieve the intentions, expectations and requirements of Cinematographers, Directors, Producers, Independent Filmmakers, VFX, and Postproduction departments.

There can be a lack of communication between the departments and things may get ‘’lost in translation’’. We suffer from “information overload” due to the overwhelming amount of knowledge all professionals must acquire (new equipment and new processes) and apply to the practical realities of work commitments and time constraints.
The panel will deal with the challenges and discoveries of each phase and the varied strategies developed to helping guide us through the digital cinematography road map with simplicity, efficiency, and clear understanding to create images with greater emotional dimension.

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Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC Cinematographer USA
Philippe Ros, AFC Cinematographer, Digital Imaging Supervisor FRANCE
Madelyn Most, Camerawoman and writer about cinematography UK

Henning Rädlein Head of Digital Workflow Solutions ARRI GERMANY
Tom Crocker Sony Product Specialist SONY EUROPE NORWAY
Denis Lenoir AFC, ASC Cinematographer USA
Szimon Lenkowski PSC Cinematographer, IMAGO Technical Committee POLAND
Tommaso Vergallo Digital Managing Director DIGIMAGE Digital Film Lab FRANCE
Filp Kovcin Director / Editor / Postprod. Supervisor - FILMPRO magazine - EBH rental POLAND
Mike Owen Professional Image Marketing Manager CANON EUROPE UK
Dana Ross Director of Creative Relations TECHNICOLOR USA
Stephen Lighthill ASC Cinematographer, Member of the ASC Technical Committee USA
Patrick Leplat Chief Operating Officer & Marketing manager PANAVISION FRANCE
Frederic Goodich ASC Cinematographer / Chair, Int'l Committee / Secretary ASC USA
Jay Patel DIT UK